27 May 2015, 7:10 pm
A major international randomised clinical trial has found that people living with HIV have a considerably lower risk of developing AIDS or other serious illnesses if they start taking antiretroviral treatment (ART) sooner, when their CD4 cell count is higher, instead of waiting until their CD4 cell count drops to

27 May 2015, 5:30 pm
The lifetime cost for treating one HIV infection in the UK is almost £380,000, according to a model published in the online journal PLOS One. Switching to generic drugs once patents expired could reduce costs to just over £100,000. The investigators based their calculations on costs associated with treating a 30-year-old gay man infected in

27 May 2015, 7:40 am
A Swiss study of people who were diagnosed during early HIV infection has found that a quarter of them presented or developed a wide variety of non-typical early symptoms of HIV infection, many of them serious and a few life-threatening. Gastrointestinal and neurological symptoms were particularly common in these manifestations of recent HIV infection. However,

25 May 2015, 9:50 am
Two qualitative studies, investigating the implementation of a massive programme of HIV prevention through community mobilisation in India, have identified challenges to the rapid scale-up and roll-out of a programme in which grassroots action was meant to be central. While the programme was intended to empower sex workers to tackle the social conditions which

22 May 2015, 7:50 am
A reduced tenofovir (Viread) dose of 150mg daily appears to be a safe and effective treatment for people with HIV who have moderate renal impairment, investigators from Thailand report in the online edition of Clinical Infectious Diseases. The 150mg daily dose provided comparable drug exposure to the currently recommended dose of 300mg every 48 hours.

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