MSF, the RHAP, RuDASA, SA HIV Clinician’s Society, Section 27 and the TAC have launched a national Stop Stock Outs Project to assist the thousands of health care users whose lives remain threatened by the chronic plague of essential medication stock outs.

The Stop Stock Outs Project will crowdsource stock out reports from patients, healthcare workers and sentinel surveyors, mapping the reported cases and tracking specific issues. All reports will be escalated through the supply chain and resolution sought through the direct engagement of civil society with accountable government individuals and entities.

It is the hope of the Stop Stock Outs Project that the data from the reports will provide essential information to identify and understand the root causes of stock outs and shortages and bring visibility and transparency to a struggling health system.

The Stop Stock Outs Project is calling on patients and healthcare workers to report any medication stock outs or shortages that have resulted in patients’ treatment being changed, patients being turned away from their clinic and referred elsewhere and/or being given an insufficient supply of medication.

1. Report Stock Outs and Shortages

Send a Please Call Me, SMS or Phone 084 855 STOP (7867)

Send an email to rep…

Go to

2. Help Monitor Stock Outs at Your Facility

For all clinicians and patients who would like to report regularly, sign up to be a sentinel surveyor by going to OR for Mobile  We will SMS or email you on a monthly basis and ask you to report on any stock outs or shortages in the health facilities that you access

3. Forward this Email

**To view stock out reports visit


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