Since 2007, the International Labour Organization (ILO) has been building on the theme of the World AIDS Campaign to develop communication materials emphasizing the contribution of the world of work to the HIV response. Continuing with this approach, ILO has developed six posters to highlight the contribution of the workplace in “Getting to Zero”. They are available for download at the end of this article. Ministries of Labour, employers from the public and private sectors, workers and their organizations, in collaboration with civil society, including organisations of people living with HIV,  play a key role in reducing new infections, discrimination and AIDS related deaths. The world of work, therefore, stands to make significant contribution towards Getting to Zero campaign, which is based on the UNAIDS strategy.The majority of the people living with HIV are in working are and in their most productive years. Strengthening efforts to prevent HIV infections in working population is critical. Many are forced out of employment because of stigma and discrimination. Workplaces can also enhance access to treatment, care and support to enable workers living with HIV a dignified productive life.The international labour standard on HIV and AIDS (Recommendation No. 200) establishes principles concerning HIV and AIDS and the world of work, including that:-          There should be no discrimination or stigmatization of workers on grounds or real or perceived status
-          Workplaces should facilitate access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support.
-          Privacy and confidentially should be ensured with regard to HIV status.
-          There should be no mandatory HIV testing or screening for employment purposes.
-          The workplace response should be a part of national policies and programmes, including those related to labour, education, social protection and health.

The Recommendation No. 200, builds on and reinforces the principles and guidelines of the ILO Code of practice. The world of work can make a significant contribution in Getting to Zero by ensuring implementation of Recommendation No. 200.

ILO World AIDS Day Posters


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